david matsuda marad maritime matters

Really Mr. Matsuda? Maritime Matters?

John Konrad
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December 5, 2011

david matsuda marad maritime mattersWe had no idea… thanks for the heads up sir.

David Matsuda, the highest ranking maritime official in the US government, came down to New Orleans for the International Workboat show this past week to deliver the profound message to us all that “Maritime Matters”.

In the following video Matsuda urges the industry to increase the general public’s awareness of maritime issues, and notes that other industries – like the railroads – get more press than the maritime industry.

Connecting with the world outside of maritime has never been a strong suit of our industry, and calling Congress will likely only get us so far in delivering the message of “Maritime Matters.”

Before we all start writing our Congressman, shouting out our windows, or posting on the gCaptain Forum, “Maritime Matters”, let’s think a bit more about this… Is that really the right message to deliver to Congress and the American people?  Anyone want to offer up a better solution or put together a meaningful argument for this marine highways idea?

Here’s my suggestion…

Write compelling and informative arguments, use social media outlets such as gCaptain to get the word out to the masses, and support these media outlets with advertising.  If you’re not sure how the word gets spread these days, check out our Facebook page or the gCaptain Forum


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