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Maritime Union Expands into Drilling Industry: AMO now offers Dynamic Positioning Training

Mike Schuler
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August 12, 2011

American Maritime Officers’ (AMO) union training facility, the STAR Center, has announced it will be expanding it’s simulation training capabilities to include Dynamic Positioning training, furthering the maritime union’s sphere of influence within the Gulf of Mexico drilling industry.

STAR Center has teamed up with Kongsberg Maritime Simulation to acquire a dual-redundant Advanced K-Pos DP trainer, in addition to six Basic K-Pos trainers.

Phil Shullo, Director of Training for the AMO Safety & Education Plan and Managing Director at STAR Center, said, “We view this important addition to our suite of high-value simulation training services to be of strategic importance to ensuring American Maritime Officers members are prepared to operate the most technologically advanced vessels in support of AMO contracted companies.”

Meanwhile Brian Long, Director of STAR Center Dania Beach, praised their choice to go with Kongsberg systems, as the company “dominates the industry in the Gulf of Mexico”.

In addition to the Basic and Advanced DP systems, STAR Center will also receive four DP Models, three of which will be twinned with three Polaris “ownship” models for use on STAR’s existing Full Mission bridge. DP models to be delivered include a supply vessel, a semi-submersible, a tanker and a drill ship.

AMO’s move into the Gulf has not come without harsh criticism from current Gulf workers for fear of driving down wages.

In May, AMO announced a partnership with PRONAV Offshore Services LLC, seeking to fill vacancies for senior officers looking to sail aboard drill ships.

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