Top 10 Maritime Incidents of 2011 – Photos and Video

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December 30, 2011

gCaptain’s Top 10 Photos and Video of Maritime Disaster and Destruction in 2011


1. Sailboat Dismasted by Tanker

During the Extreme Racing series at Cowes Week, a sailboat made a nearly tragically bad call by trying to cross in front of a tanker.  “Umm, you didn’t see that bright orange tanker?”. Read: Idiot of the Month: Sailboat Dismasted by 120,000 ton tanker off Cowes

2. Barge Hoist Fail

The crew of a Russian cargo ship failed miserably when trying to hoist this barge on deck.  Read: Incident Video of The Week – Barge Hoist Fail

3. Luxury Boat Sinks in China

On September 29th, a highly anticipated luxury leisure boat in China nearly sank immediately after the vessel was launched.  The vessel was meant to bring joy to the villagers. Instead, it brought shame:( Read: Luxury Boat Launches, Sinks Immediately [VIDEO]

4. TK Bremen Grounded in France

The Maltese-flagged TK Bremen, a cargo ship traveling along Northwest coast of France, ran aground in southern Brittany (that’s in France) in high winds and heavy seas.  The vessel reportedly leaked over 200 of fuel oil, threatening local beaches and wildlife.  The owners decided that breaking her apart is the best course of action. Read: Incident Video of The Week – TK Bremen Grounded in France

5. F/V Sparta Stuck in Antarctica

Photo: Maritime New Zealand

The Russian fishing vessel Sparta with 32 crew were stranded (and sinking) in Antarctic ice approximately 2,000 nautical miles SE of New Zealand, pretty much the most remote place on earth. After 10 days stranded, an icebreaker dispatched by Sparta’s owner reached the vessel and is assisting in repairs and escorting them out of the ice. Read: Sparta Incident Coverage

6. M/V Rena

Image credit: Svitzer

A salvor is lowered onto the deck of the M/V Rena, stuck on the Astrolabe Reef off New Zealand since October 5th. Read: Rena Incident Coverage

7. Pemex’s Flotel JUPITER

Mexico’s Pemex evacuated 638 workers from the semi-submersible dormitory platform Jupiter 1 after it began to list when water entered a pontoon on April 12, 2011. Read: Incident Photos – Pemex’s Flotel Jupiter platform partially sinks in Gulf of Mexico

8. Barge Upended

Photo: USCG

A sinking barge was upended 20 miles off Miami Beach, Florida on Nov. 9, 2011. The 270-foot barge began taking on water shortly after the 94-foot tug that was towing it became disabled and adrift. Read: Incident Photo of the Week: Barge Upended Near Miami

9. When Navies Fire Back


On October 7, 2011, EU NAVFOR warship FGS KOELN successfully disrupted a suspect Pirate Action Group’s (PAG) supply boat, a whaler, operating in the Somali Basin about 200 nautical miles East of Tanzania.  There’s more where that came from if you continue reading. Read: When Navies Fire Back – Top Photos of Pirate Skiff Destruction

10. Tug ARIES sinks in Bering Sea

On June 26, 2011, the Tug Aries sank in the Bering Sea, about 109 miles East of St. Paul Island. After the crew managed to get from the sinking tug to the barge they were towing, Captain Doug Pine pulled out his iPhone and began taking footage of the rescue. All four members of the crew were safely rescued by the USCG. Read: Incident Video of The Week – Tug ‘Aries’ sinks in Bering Sea

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