Help Arrives for Stricken Fishing Vessel Stuck in Antarctic Ice

An ice-strengthened research vessel has reached the stricken fishing vessel Sparta and her 32 crew after 10 days stuck in Antarctic ice, according to Maritime New Zealand.  The vessel has been stuck since striking ice on December 16, resulting in a 30 cm hole in her hull. Rescue coordinators at RCCNZ confirmed this morning that the R/V Araon, which has ice breaking … [Read more...]

Icebreaker Dispatched for Southern Ocean Rescue In Antarctic Ice

Crew on board the Russian vessel Sparta have requested more equipment to help repair damage to the boat's hull while rescue efforts are hampered by icy conditions in the southern ocean. Sparta issued a distress call around 3am on Friday from a position next to the Antarctic ice shelf, about 2000 nautical miles (3704 kilometres) south east of New Zealand. The 48m vessel, … [Read more...]

Russian Fishing Vessel with 32 Crew Taking on Water Near Antartica [BREAKING]

New Zealand's maritime authority, Maritime New Zealand, has just issued a frightening report coming from a fishing vessel with 32 crew that is stranded and taking on water deep in the Southern Ocean, next to the ice shelf of Antarctica.  Read below for the full alert from Maritime New Zealand. 16 December 2011 - 8AM A Russian fishing vessel with 32 crew on board has issued … [Read more...]