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John Konrad
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September 1, 2007

Maritime CSEIntroducing gCaptain’s new AJAX search technology!

This is exciting news. We just put the finishing touches on our new Google powered search engines, a development we have been working on for a few months and are excited to share with you. So without further delay:

Google Maritime CSE

Our Custom Search Engine is the latest in offerings from the search powerhouse Google. It uses the company’s powerful search database and algorithms with one twist… the results are filtered by gCaptain editors.

How does this work? Do a google search for the keyword “Mate” (just click HERE) now do the same search using our Maritime CSE (click HERE). Notice at google only one of the top 20 search results are maritime related but using our search engine ALL of the links are related.

Our Maritime CSE has one more trick up it’s sleeve. Using the same term click on the refinement labeled jobs. Now your are seeing search results only from maritime job sites! Click on the refinement tankers and you only get links pertaining to the oil transport segment of our industry.

gCaptain Site Search

This search feature again uses the power of google but this time you get only stories on gCaptain. Try it now.

gCaptain ALL-IN-ONE

Want to search gCaptain, the web, photos, videos, news… all at once? Our ALL-IN-ONE search page makes this possible, check it out.

All of our search features can be found at the bottom (lower right corner) of each gCaptain page or by clicking HERE.

Here is a video tutorial of our new feature:


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