Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy: July 14 – 20, 2011

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July 21, 2011

Maritime Crime and Piracy Incidents by Region, July 14 – 20, 2011 (Source: U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence)


HAITI: A container ship was robbed 10 July at 0500 UTC while anchored in position 18:32N – 72:23W in the Port au Prince anchorage, Haiti. Robbers boarded the vessel and stole ship’s property. (IMB)


COLOMBIA: A container vessel experienced an attempted boarding 16 July at 0330 UTC while underway in position 10:18.9N – 075:35.3W at the Cartagena Pilot Station, Colombia. Three robbers in a small boat attempted to board the vessel via a rigged pilot ladder. The alert duty ordinary seaman saw the pirates and notified the bridge via VHF. The Master increased the speed of the vessel and the crew pulled the pilot ladder up. The robbers chased the vessel for a few minutes and aborted the attack. (IMB)


GULF OF GUINEA: Product tanker was hijacked 30NM off the coast of Nigeria on 16 July. The vessel was transiting from Ghana to Benin. The vessel was released on 18 July at 1700 UTC, and all 20 crewmembers were reported in good health. It is unknown whether or not a ransom was paid for the vessel. After its release, the vessel headed towards Tema, Ghana. (Open sources)


RED SEA: Oil tanker (FRONT PRIDE) was fired upon by one skiff with six pirates onboard 20 July at 1548 UTC while underway in position 13:27N – 042:39E, approximately 27NM northwest of Assab, Eritrea. Pirates fired one time at the vessel with an RPG. Armed security team returned fire and the pirates aborted the attack. (UKMTO, Open Source)


GULF OF ADEN: Oil tanker (JUBBA XX) was hijacked 16 July in the morning. The exact location of the vessel during the hijacking is unknown. As of 17 July at 0813 UTC, the vessel was located at 13:48N – 051:25E, approximately 134NM northwest of Socotra Island, Yemen. Nine Somali pirates were onboard the vessel on 17 July. There are 16 crewmembers onboard the vessel, including four Somalis (Open Source, Operator, UKMTO)


INDONESIA: A chemical tanker was robbed 19 July at 2130 UTC while anchored in position 03:55.9N – 098:45.8E in the Belewan anchorage, Indonesia. The duty watchman sighted three robbers and informed the officer of the watch (OOW), the OOW then raised the alarm and mustered the crew. The robbers escaped with the ship’s stores. Port authorities did not respond. (IMB)

VIETNAM: A container ship was robbed 12 July at 2005 UTC while anchored in position 20:39.2N – 106:53.6E at the Hai Phong Pilot Station, Vietnam. Five robbers with knives boarded the vessel during a heavy rain, stole ship’s stores, and jumped overboard when sighted by the crew. (IMB)


CHINA: A bulk carrier was robbed 18 July at 1900 UTC while anchored in position 22:45N – 113:38.7E in the Huanpu anchorage, China. Robbers boarded the vessel during a heavy rain. The alert duty watchman sighted them on the forecastle deck, notified the duty officer, and went towards the robbers. The robbers then escaped. Later it was discovered that ship stores were stolen. (IMB)


AUSTRALIA: On 16 July at 1900 UTC eight environmental protesters boarded a multi-purpose vessel during cargo operations while docked at Macquarie Wharf, Hobart Port, Tasmania. They were protesting the export of timber veneer to Malaysia. Five of the protestors climbed a crane, locked themselves to the platform, and unfolded a banner. The protesters, from the Huon Valley Environment Centre, were removed by police. (Commercial Source)



GULF OF ADEN: Government of Japan convoy schedule for July/August 2011. The Government of Japan (GOJ) provides escort operations by Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces (JMSDF) for vessels in accordance with the following schedule. Due to the start of the monsoon season, the Self-Defense Force will shorten the east end of the transit corridor. Rendezvous point “A” (Eastbound): 11:50N – 045:00E. Rendezvous point “B” (Westbound): 14:28N – 053:00E. Base speed is 12 knots. Eastbound transits are at 1400 UTC on 21 July and 28 July; 1500 UTC 4 August; 1400 UTC 11 August, 15 August, 22 August, and 26 August 2011. Westbound transits are at 1400 UTC on 19 July and 23 July; 1500 UTC 2 August and 6 August; 1400 UTC 13 August, 17 August, 24 August, and 28 August 2011.

GULF OF ADEN: Korean Naval convoy schedule for July/August 2011. Rendezvous point “A” (Eastbound): 12:07N – 044:11E. Rendezvous point “B” (Westbound): 14:54N – 054:41E. Please note that each starting point indicates the endpoint for the convoy from the opposite direction. Transit speed is 12 knots. Eastbound convoys transit at 0400 UTC 4 July, 10 July, 23 July, 1 August, 7 August, 20 August, 26 August 2011. Westbound convoys transit at 0400 UTC 1 July, 7 July, 17 July, 4 August, 17 August, 23 August 2011.

GULF OF ADEN: Russian Naval convoy schedule for July/August 2011. Ships will be escorted by the Russian warship “Severomorsk” as of 17 June 2011. Rendezvous point “A” (Western point): 17:10N – 040:40E. Rendezvous point “B” (Eastern point): 15:15N 058:20E. Transit speed is 12 knots. Eastbound convoys start at point “A” and transit at 0600 UTC 10 July, 0500 UTC 3 August 2011. Westbound convoys start at point “B” and transit at 0700 UTC 4 July, 0500 UTC 15 July 2011.

Source: U.S. Office of Naval Research


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