MARAD Outfitting Ships with Wireless Networks

John Konrad
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June 7, 2007

Maritime Links has a story on Shipboard Wireless Networking upgrades on MARAD Vessels:

Satellite DishesIn times of wars or emergencies, it falls to the Transportation Department’s Maritime Administration to ensure that U.S. cargo vessels are ready for use. The logistics role that merchant ships play for the Pentagon is a key aspect of the country’s defense strategy.

To better perform that function, 44 ships in the fleet were outfitted with wired computer networks designed to allow the addition of wireless capabilities, said Donna Seymour, the agency’s chief information officer. The networked ships support logistics systems and communicate with bases onshore, she added.

“This is not only good for what we need to do from a military-readiness perspective, but it also means a lot to the crews aboard the ships as far as quality of life and being able to communicate shore-side,” she said.

For more on this story read the entire blog post HERE

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