Should Mandatory berth space be required for training?

John Konrad
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January 26, 2010

On his new blog Clay Maitland, a long time supporter of seafarer training, brings up an excellent questions about global maritime training;

claytoonjpgIn the run-up to the STCW Conference in Manila this June, India has proposed that there be mandatory space for training berths provided on all new ships.  This will be one of the more heated issues to be discussed.  Additional space to accommodate trainee cadets (which might become mandatory) is seemingly attractive, in light of the IMO’s current “Go to Sea” campaign.  But there are, as is so often the case, ramifications.

For example, cadets training at sea are subject to the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006.  They are also said to be prone (at least in the U.S.) to personal injury problems.

There are also said to be “tonnage penalties” that may result from a requirement of additional cadet accommodation spaces.

So, “ramifications” is another word for “cost.”

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So the question is; Should companies be required to provide berth space be required for training?

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