‘Maersk Constellation’ underway after extended delay in Angola

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March 22, 2011

Pictured: AMO members working aboard the Maersk Constellation as it got underway from Angola included (left to right) Second Assistant Engineer Eugene Stone, Chief Mate Tomas Malo, Third Mate Dave Schwarz, Chief Engineer Christopher Gay, Third A.E. Peter Sutherland, First A.E. William Dobbs, Second Mate Zack Stevenson and Capt. Jason Stancil, master of the Maersk Constellation courtesy AMO.

The Maersk Constellation is underway and continuing its voyage after having been mistakenly detained by authorities in Angola since Feb. 28 over questions regarding documentation of a portion of the ship’s cargo.

“Everyone at AMO is grateful this situation has been resolved and the ship and her crew were finally able to leave port without injury or incident,” said AMO National President Tom Bethel. “The ship’s officers and crew demonstrated professionalism and perseverance as they continued to perform their duties under very stressful conditions throughout this ordeal. We’re all very pleased they are safely underway.”

The Constellation is carrying U.S. food aid intended for Angola, Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique. The ship is also carrying ammunition purchased by the government of Kenya.

Authorities in Angola mistakenly detained the ship in Lobito due to questions involving the documentation of the ammunition. Efforts to have the ship released, including intervention by the U.S. State Department, were eventually successful. On March 17, the Constellation reported having received the ‘all clear’ to depart with all of its cargo.

The ship will make deliveries as originally planned, reported Maersk Line Limited, the operator of the Maersk Constellation, which is manned in all licensed positions by American Maritime Officers.

“We’re all looking forward to a smooth continuation of the voyage from here forward,” said Capt. Jason Stancil, master of the Maersk Constellation.

Via American Maritime Officers


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