At Least 13 Killed in Collision Involving Containership and Egyptian Fishing Vessel

Mike Schuler
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December 14, 2014

Update 2: The containership captain and an officer are being detained over the deadly collision. STORY

Update: The official death toll has risen to 13. The accident is under investigation by the Egyptian authorities.

Previous: At least 11 fishermen have drowned and as many as 23 were missing after a containership collided with an Egyptian fishing boat in the Gulf of Suez early Sunday morning, according to reports.

The containership was reportedly coming from the Suez Canal when it collided the F/V Badr, causing it to capsize. Forty people, all Egyptian, were believed to be onboard the fishing vessel.

Some updated reports said that 13 bodies have been recovered, while 14 are still missing. Thirteen others have been rescued, according to the Egyptian news network Al-Ahram.

A search is underway involving Egyptian Navy ships and helicopters.

The containership was reported to be Panamanian-flagged and Kuwaiti-owned/operated, however reports have not identified the name of the ship. The containership is being held at port of Safaga in southeastern Egypt.

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