Kulluk Drops Anchor in Kiliuda Bay – Photos and Video

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January 7, 2013

Kulluk’s entourage in Kiliuda Bay, led of course by Aiviq. Image: Kulluk Response

The Kulluk incident’s Unified Command on Monday confirmed that the Kulluk has arrived in its final safe harbor location in Kiliuda Bay where it will undergo assessment.

At approximately 12:15 p.m. Alaska Time the Kulluk’s anchor was lowered to the bottom of the Bay, the Unified Command said in a statement. The statement also confirmed that the support vessels Alert, Lauren Foss and Corbin Foss remain connected to the Kulluk, while the Aiviq has disconnected but is standing by. Other support vessels, including the Warrior, Ocean Wave, Perseverance, Nanuq and Alex Haley are also standing by.

A Coast Guard overflight today did not observe any sheen in the vicinity.

The Kulluk was floated relatively easily by a swift pull from the Aiviq Sunday night at 10:10 p.m AKST and, after an initial assessment to determined the vessel was fit to be towed, made the 45 nautical mile trek to Kiliuda Bay in about 12 hours. More information about the Kulluk’s floating and tow can be found HERE.

Although a long road is still ahead, todays news of the Kulluk’s successful floating and tow to a safe harbor warrants a HUGE sigh of relief for nearly all parties involved.

Kulluk in Kaliuda Bay. Image: Kulluk Response
Kulluk in Kiliuda Bay. Image: Kulluk Response
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