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Key Considerations In Choosing USCG License Protection

Key Considerations In Choosing USCG License Protection

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March 18, 2024

For professional mariners navigating the unpredictable waters of the sea, safeguarding their USCG license is paramount. Any mishap, regardless of its magnitude, has the potential to trigger a Suspension & Revocation (S&R) proceeding by the U.S. Coast Guard, jeopardizing the seafarer’s credentials and putting their career at risk. To compound matters, legal representation costs for an S&R hearing can soar into tens of thousands of dollars, underscoring the critical need for marine license insurance. 

Marine license insurance serves as a crucial safety net, providing fully paid legal representation and defense by a maritime attorney in the event of an incident that leads to action against a mariner’s USCG license. However, not all marine license insurance providers offer the same caliber of service.

Swift Responsiveness

Mariners require an insurer that offers more than simply financial coverage. They need personalized attention—round the clock, year-round—from a dedicated team that is familiar with their operation and ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, even amidst the darkest hours of the night.

This level of responsiveness proves particularly critical in the chaotic aftermath of a marine casualty. It could mean the difference between a mariner speaking with a seasoned maritime attorney within minutes of an incident, and getting caught in a cumbersome, bureaucratic claim reporting process, waiting hours or days for a call back.

Appointing the RIGHT Legal Expertise

Moreover, the insurance provider must go beyond merely assigning any attorney. It needs to appoint the RIGHT attorney and ensure mariners receive specialized legal support tailored to the complexities of marine license defense and their individual cases. This entails pairing mariners with admiralty lawyers who are well acquainted with the workings of the U.S. Coast Guard and state pilotage authorities and experienced in formulating effective defense strategies.

To ensure that each mariner receives suitable legal representation, there must be a strong bond between the insurance provider and the attorneys in its network…a bond cultivated over years. This collaborative approach not only enhances the likelihood of a favorable outcome in an S&R hearing, but also reduces the stress and uncertainty often associated with maritime legal proceedings.

Choosing the right marine license insurance company demands careful consideration. It involves not only ensuring sufficient financial coverage, but also having confidence that, when the worst happens, access to experienced professionals who understand the unique risks and challenges of the maritime industry will be available.

Setting the Standard

MOPS Marine License Insurance exemplifies what an insurance company for professional mariners should strive to be. By providing access to a dedicated, knowledgeable team 24/7/365 and fastidiously connecting mariners with experienced maritime attorneys specialized in license defense promptly, MOPS goes the extra mile to safeguard USCG licenses and livelihoods. For professional mariners navigating the treacherous waters of the sea, MOPS stands as a beacon of reliability and support.

For more information about why MOPS is the right insurance company to safeguard your USCG marine license, please call 516-431-9191, then press 3, or visit


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