Enrico Levoli italian tanker hijacked pirates oman

Italian Tanker and Crew of 18 Hijacked Off Oman

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December 27, 2011

By JD, Somalia Report

MT Enrico Levoli owned by Italian shipping company Marnavi was taken by pirates this morning according to the Italian owners

The Enrico Levoli is carrying caustic soda and is an Italian flagged and owned ship.

The official statement:

MT Enrico Ievoli – Security Issue As you are aware, our vessel Enrico Ievoli has been hijacked in position 18.3N – 57.6E. Presently we are unable to release a statement due to lack of information.

Next update at 1000Z

Updates 27 December 2011 – 12:12 Position of MT Enrico Ievoli updated at 1015Z obtained by LRIT system (Long Range Identification & Tracking) : 17° 35′.3 N – 056° 52′.8 E

27 December 2011 – 11:11 At about 0300UTC the Company has been informed that the above mentioned vessel was under pirate attack while navigating off Oman coast. Master immediately alerted the Italian Coastguard Head quarter. Crew : total 18 (6 Italian, 5 Ukranian and 7 Indian). Cargo on board : Caustic soda 15750 mt

Sailed from Fujairah (UAE) bound to Mediterranean Sea.

Company is waiting information from Italian Authorities.

map hijacking off oman

Pirates Confirm Hijacking

A pirate source in Harardheere confirmed to Somalia Report that pirates had hijacked the Italian vessel.

“I don’t know the name of vessel, but the hijackers contacted some pirates in Harardhere area early today (Tuesday) and told them that they had taken the Italian vessel,” Tuur, a Harardheere area pirate told Somalia Report.

The vessel is now heading to Harardheere.

The hijackers themselves hail from Harardheere, and belong to the Sa’ad and Saleebaan sub-clans of the Hawiye. The group’s leader has not been identified yet, but he will be expected to share the eventual ransom with prominent pirate bosses in the area, including Mohamed Garfanje and Guushaaye, according to pirate sources.

Reprinted with permission, (c) 2011 Somalia Report

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