Interesting Ship of The Week – The Far Samson: Rolls Royces’ UT 761 CD design

Mike Schuler
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June 11, 2009


This weeks interesting ship of the week was just more appropriately name ‘Ship of the Year’ at Nor-Shipping 2009 in Oslo Norway.  It is the Far Samson UT 761 CD design offshore vessel.  Designed and equipped by Rolls Royce, the vessel is said to be the world’s most powerful offshore vessel.  The Far Samson recently entered service with Farstad Shipping on a contract to plough pipeline trenches in the North Sea, out of Aberdeen.  The ‘Ship of the Year’ award was given to the shipowner Farstad Shipping, shipyard STX Europe and designer Rolls-Royce.

The Far Samson was chosen for “its state-of-the-art design and enormous capacity to perform as a seabed pipeline trenching vessel” and was also recognized for its “environmental performance, efficiency and innovative features, which collectively reduce the operating costs of the vessel.”

The vessel can perform a variety of tasks on the seabed and its power is particularly suited to pipeline trenching, where its record-breaking continuous bollard pull of 423 tonnes means it is capable of cutting trenches 2.5 metres deep, a metre deeper than previously possible.

A Rolls-Royce propulsion system combining diesel electric and diesel mechanical transmission provides Far Samson with optimal operating flexibility, fuel economy and minimum exhaust emissions.

The ship’s environmental performance is further enhanced with diesel engines that meet clean design class rules. Catalytic converters are also fitted to the generator sets, giving a 95 per cent nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction.

Also, unveiled at the show was Rolls Royce’s new  deep-water anchor-handling vessel UT 790 CD with a special wave-piercing hull enabling the vessel to run smoothly and continuously no matter what sea state.  Read about the UT790 CD design HERE

Vessel Info Provided by DNV

Name: Far Samson
IMO No: 9400497
Operational status: In Operation

Flag:      Isle of Man
Port:     DOUGLAS
Owner:     Farstad Construction AS
Yard:     STX Norway Offshore AS Langsten (108470)
Year of Build:     2009
Type:     639 – Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel

GT (ITC 69):      15,620
NT (ITC 69):     4,687


Rolls-Royce designed vessel named ‘Ship of the Year’ for the second year running

Rolls-Royce introduces wave-piercing anchor handler

Rolls Royce

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