Interesting Ship of The Week – MPI Discovery and MPI Adventure

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June 29, 2011

MPI Resolution courtesy MPI Offshore

This week’s interesting ships are MPI Offshore’s MPI Discovery and MPI Adventure, two state-of-the-art Transport Installation Vessel’s (TIV), purpose-built for offshore wind farm installation and construction.  The Discovery and Adventure come on the heals of the MPI Resolution, the world’s first purpose-built vessel for installing offshore wind turbines, but with a greater operating depth, cargo capacity and crew accommodations.

Like the MPI Resolution, the Discovery and Adventure are equipped with six jack-up legs that provide a stable platform for wind turbine construction and allow the vessels to operate in much harsher weather than its counterparts.  The vessels are capable of operating in waters up to 40 meters deep, 5 meters greater than the Resolution. The vessel’s main crane can lift 1,000 tons and are also equipped with a 50-ton auxiliary crane.  The vessels include various crew amenities including a coffee shop, gym and sauna, and can accommodate up to 112 persons.

MPI Offshore promises that these ships will transport, lift and install more wind turbines and their foundations than any other vessels through improved deck space, lifting capacity, jacking speed, increased power and improved environmental operability.

The MPI Discovery has been secured by E.ON Climate and Renewables in 6 year contract for the development of offshore wind farms in Europe.


More on the MPI Resolution, MPI Discovery and MPI Adventure can be found on the MPI Offshore website, HERE.

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