Search & Rescue Control Center – Interesting Photo Of The Week

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December 30, 2008

Coast Guard  Maritime Rescue And Coordination Center by Tidewater Muse.

This week we bring you a photo of the USCG’s Maritime Rescue And Coordination Center in Boston. The Unofficial Coast Guard Blog tells us:

Scattered across the nation are a number of Coast Guard command centers, all staffed by dedicated professionals who work to keep mariners safe. Each Coast Guard sector has a command center, as does each district and area. Among many tasks, these command centers are responsible for “controlling” search and rescue cases. The SAR Controllers assess calls, launch assets, determine search areas, and set search patterns for vessels and aircraft involved in the search.

A controller’s worst nightmare: messing up a SAR case.  Read More…

Here are some views of Rescue Coordination Centers around the world:


MRCC Oostende


Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Scotland


RCC Ierland


Faroe Islands

North Sea



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