Russian Navy Ship Marshal Shaposhnikov – Incident Video Of The Week

John Konrad
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September 25, 2008

Reuters tells us:

Sep 18 – A fire on a Russian warship in the Pacific kills two sailors, the latest in a series of accidents that have raised doubts about the safety of Russia’s fleet. The fire occurred on the large anti-submarine ship the Marshal Shaposhnikov. Navy officials said they suspected the fire broke out in the engine room when an oil pipe ruptured during a naval exercise in the Sea of Japan.

This is undoubtely an embarissing incident for the Russian Navy as it gears up for a show of force in America’s backyard. Is the Monroe doctrine still in effect? We are not so sure considering the Roosevelt Coorelerary was based, in part, on the idea to “Speak softly and carry a big stick”! An idea that today’s politicians seem to have forgotten.

Either way, wth Russia increasing military spending by over 25%, China building Ballistic Missile Submarines and the US Navy’s inability to defend their own most valuable assets, the waters may soon be less safe for the average mariner.

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