Icy Mist Grounding – Incident Photo and Video

Mike Schuler
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February 27, 2009


This footage, released by the Associated Press, shows a USCG helicopter flyby of the 58-foot fishing vessel, Icy Mist, that ran aground Wednesday on Akutan Island in Alaska amid heavy weather conditions.  First attempts to rescue the four man crew were suspended due to extreme weather conditions with hurricane-force winds up to 90 mph (145 kph).  Eventually a USCG MH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter was able to hoist all four fisherman to safety after they used a crab pot to lower themselves off their vessel and climb to higher and more unobstructed ground.  The four men then taken to Dutch Harbor with no reported injuries.

USCG has more on the efforts to remove potential pollutants from the vessel:

The Coast Guard, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the owner of the 58-foot fishing vessel Icy Mist have developed a plan for removing fuel, lube oil and hydraulic oil from the vessel grounded on Akutan Island 40 miles east of Dutch Harbor.

According to the crew of the vessel approximately 2,700 gallons of diesel, 150 gallons of lube oil and 200 gallons of hydraulic oil are on board along with 60,000 pounds of pacific cod.

“Our primary focus is the protection of the environment by the safe removal of the oils on board,” said Capt. Mark Hamilton, commander Sector Anchorage.

Magone Marine has been contracted to conduct lightering operations. Using a commercial helicopter, they plan is to pump the fuel and oils into barrels for removal. Salvage of the vessel will be addressed after the potential for release of pollutants on board is minimized.

“This is a marginal time of year for this type of operation,” said Dan Magone, owner Magone Marine. “Given the location and conditions removal of the vessel is extremely challenging. Small boat operations are out of the question and any removal of the wreck is likely to be protracted.”

Current weather on scene is 40-mph winds and 12-foot seas. The Coast Guard is currently conducting an overflight of the Icy Mist and Magone Marine is staging equipment to begin lightering operations during the next allowable-weather window.

Personnel from Marine Safety Detachment Unalaska and Sector Anchorage are conducting an investigation into the cause of the incident.

Source: USCG

Icy Mist Grounding Photo:

Fishing Vessel, Icy Mist, grounded in alaska

More on the rescue of the crew from the Associated Press HERE

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