Hydrogen Powered Ship – Iceland’s Ambitious Project For Alternative Energy Propulsion

John Konrad
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January 23, 2008

M/V Elding - Hydrogen Powered Ship

The ship pictured above fails to impress the Icelandic tourists who board her for a short whale watching tour but after talking with the crew their attitude changes. ABC News tells us:

By April, visitors to Europe’s northernmost capital will get a taste of that future by taking whale-watching tours aboard the ship, or renting one of the world’s first hydrogen-powered hire cars.

The conversion of the Elding to hydrogen power will initially be confined to the use of a fuel cell to power the engine that runs its lighting, but for 43 euros ($72) a trip, the ship will offer whale-watchers unprecedented peace.

When the crew spots whales at sea, they shut down the main engines to let people hear the mammals swim and blow water – an experience owner Vignir Sigursveinsson says has been marred in the past by the rumble of a diesel auxiliary engine below.

“When we have the hydrogen machine, the boat will be completely soundless, which will make the experience of seeing the whales in their natural habitat even more magical,” he said.

For more on this ambitious project click HERE then visit the Icelandic New Energy Commission HERE.

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