Holiday Gift Guide – Tivo DVD Burner

John Konrad
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November 16, 2007

TIVO DVD BurnerOver the next few weeks we are going to be sharing gift ideas. So if you have a loved on who is a Captain, Mate, Engineer or just a boater sailing the ocean keep an eye on our new Gifts Section.

Our first pick is a device that has made my life at sea significantly more enjoyable, the Tivo DVD Burner. Sure you could buy a video ipod which we also highly recommend but nothing is better than having a device connected to your TV, downloading TV shows for FREE.

The best part is how easy this unit is to use. It hooks up and operates just like a normal TIVO allowing you to pause and record live TV but insert a blank DVD-R/RW and it burns your shows to a disk he can take with him to work.

Bonus features:

  • The Burned DVD’s work on any DVD play.
  • The unit can record and burn movies from HBO, Starz…
  • If your tivo runs out of space simply burn the extra shows to DVD and keep them for later.
  • Select the option “Season Pass” and tivo will record the entire season of your show to disc. Perfect for catching up on series while you were away at sea.
  • DVD’s are cheap to mail. Send your the burned DVD’s to his ship’s agent at the next port of call and we promise he will be the most popular guy on movie night.
  • The unit also lets you transfer and burn movies from your old camcorder to DVD.


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