Shipyard Video of The Day – Heavy Lift Time-Lapse at Bath Iron Works

Mike Schuler
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December 21, 2012

Ahhh, two of our favorite things… heavy lift and timelapse!

On December 14, 2012 the 900 ton deckhouse for the U.S. Navy’s future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) destroyer was lifted off a barge and onto the hull of the new ship at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine.

The deckhouse module was built in Gulfport, Mississippi was shipped by barge to Bath Iron Works for installation on the ship.

The 155-foot-long, 60-foot-high and 60-foot-wide section was lifted 100 feet in the air using four cranes, two of which had to be brought in by Reed & Reed, Inc., a construction company headquartered in Woolwich, Maine.

Once at the prescribed height, the ship’s 610-foot hull was then moved into position beneath the suspended module using the shipyard’s electro-hydraulic ship transfer system and then lowered into place.

The ship is the largest vessel ever to be constructed The largest destroyer to be built at the Maine shipyard and the 900-ton lift itself more than doubled the shipyard’s previous heaviest-lift record.

Rollout of the USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) deckhouse

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