Top of the Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles

Hanjin Group Wins Record For Tallest Luxury Building

John Konrad
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September 5, 2016

Wilshire_Grand_CenterAs Hanjin Shipping Co  remains in full damage control mode a new skyscraper built by it’s parent company – the South Korean conglomerate Hanjin Group –  has become the tallest American building west of the Mississippi River.

In downtown Los Angeles on Saturday high-rise construction workers placed a 10-ton spire on top the Wilshire Grand Tower. The spire adds 160 feet to the 73-story building for a total of 1,099 feet…. 81 feet higher than nearby U.S. Bank Tower, which held the tallest building record since 1989.

 The building will be part of a mixed-use hotel, luxury retail, observation decks, shopping malls and office complex, expected to revitalize downtown Los Angeles and the area surrounding the building. 

The Wilshire Grand still has some construction work scheduled. The $1 billion hotel and office complex is scheduled to open next March.


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