How To Handle A Ship – Book Review

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November 23, 2014

by Jakob Pinkster Ship Handling by Hervé Baudu

By Jakob Pinkster

The new book “Ship Handling” by Hervé Baudu is an expanded English language version of the award winning (2012 French Maritime Society Grand Prix Winner) French book by Hervé Baudu “Traité de manoeuvre” and analyses all aspects concerning vessel manoeuvrability, both when sailing in a port or at sea (i.e. respectively confined or open waters).

The book is useful for officers active in the ship handling field (i.e. ship pilots, mates and masters), as its contents cover all related subjects from STCW conventions to recommendations regarding ship manoeuvring knowledge required of today’s deck officer. Besides officers, the book is also an invaluable source of information and knowledge for other professionals working in industry related to ship handling and for students in related fields of study.

In a state-of-the-art lay-out the book’s 3 chapters maneuver the reader through the art and science of ship handling. The incorporation of clear and to the point (technical and schematic) drawings, system diagrams and full-colour pictures and its use of a lucid, direct style of English, make the book readable for everybody with an interest in ship handling.

Throughout the book, the mechanics (i.e. forces and moments, etc.) are well explained providing the reader with full understanding of the actions required to execute a maneuver.

The title “Ship Handling” well describes the contents of the book and this book should be found on the bookshelf of every vessel that goes to sea and be kept close at hand for daily use whenever necessary. If the reader decides to bookmark their copy they will find that frequently asked questions like “What actually causes a ship to manoeuvre”, “What is a pivot point?”, “What was this thing called again? or “What type of systems do they have for that on board?” can be answered within a fraction of the time previously required.

Most importantly, the book is so well set up with up to three columns per page and, simple yet colourful illustrations, such that result in a book that reads almost by itself.

Animations are available to preview on the book’s official website to illustrate the manoeuvring principles described in this book.The book can be purchased HERE.

About the Author: Hervé Baudu, professor of maritime training, worked on-board ships for fifteen years, reaching the position of commanding officer. After teaching manoeuvring at the Naval Academy, he taught manoeuvring and navigation at the Marseille centre of the National Maritime College of France (ENSM).

This article was written by Jakob Pinkster M.Sc FRINA (Naval Architect/Hydrodynamicist; also a former lecturer Technical University Delft and former senior project manager Full Mission Bridge simulator STC B.V. Rotterdam).


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