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Halloween Cruise to the Bahamas has Frightful Ending

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November 2, 2014

The Bahamas Celebration cruise ship gave passengers a bit more than the expected spookiness of cruising over Halloween.  Reports indicate that the ship struck an object late Friday evening while en route from Freeport Harbor, Bahamas to Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the Tribune Freeport, the ship ran aground approximately 200 yards outside the port around 9pm.  James Verillo, owner of the Bahamas Celebration cruise line, stated “the ship is listing at about 10% and there is a whole host of professionals on board dealing with the issue. There was a small hole on the side that has already been patched.”

No word yet has been released on the damage or the cost of repairs.  All passengers and non-essential crew were evacuated from the ship and passengers were returned to Florida on Saturday.

Celebration Cruise Line has cancelled scheduled cruises pending repairs of the vessel.


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