Hallin Marine Rowing Team

Hallin Marine, An Offshore Support Company, Sponsors Transatlantic Rowers

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January 13, 2011

Hallin Marine Rowing TeamThe six rowers of Team Hallin have set off on their transatlantic row and are on schedule to break the world record.

Hallin Marine is sponsoring ‘Team Hallin’ as they attempt to shave more than three days from the current record of 33 days and seven hours for rowing the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Barbados.

Skipper David Hosking, MBE, steered the trimaran vessel out of the harbour at 8.30pm on Thursday, 6th January as three of the crew pulled at the oars – a relieve to start after weeks of waiting for favourable weather conditions.

As of noon today, Tuesday, 11th January, the team had covered more than 400 miles and are on schedule to break the world record, although this early in the row it is too early to accurately predict the team’s likely arrival time in Barbados.

It is not only Team Hallin that is making excellent progress – the target of raising £60,000 for charity Combat Stress, which specialises in the care of service veterans’ mental health, has already passed the 25% mark, with more than £16,000 being donated.

The ‘one-month’ record for the blue ribbon event of ocean rowing has, until now, been considered unobtainable but the six international-class rowers who make up Team Hallin believe their intensive training fast boat and determination will see them achieve the impossible.

The rowers will work in two teams of three, rowing for two hours and then having two hours to eat, wash, carry out any maintenance needed and, if there is time, sleep before the whole routine starts again!


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