Ship Crashes Into Dutch House

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John Konrad
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July 28, 2007

Ship Crashes Into Dutch House


A Dutch newspaper us (translated text):

The family which lay sleep in this house remained wondrously unhurt, said a spokesman of the police force in Friesland. It happened at the island It Burd. The holiday house was devastated entirely

The house was used by a family from Zwolle, man aged 32, woman and two children of eight months and three years. They were released with fright. The continuing shipping movement experienced no embarrassment of the accident.

Little rest

The cargo liner continued with only damage around 12.00. It became clear that the captain had taken too little rest. The captain had slept too irregularly too a little and. The police force has made up warrant against the captain for summary offence of sails – and rest law.

The father of the family slept in its boat, which he had laid to the rampart at the holiday house. “It is a wonder that nothing more terrible happened”, told the father. I thought firstly that it was a storm. This did not prove be this way. There was even still some panic because youngest was missing. He slept in a room was under where the ship laid. But when we heard him cry, we knew that he was well.


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