The Halligan Tool – Fire Gear Locker

John Konrad
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March 6, 2009

After my last Fire Team meeting the 2nd Mate said: “you must own stock in the Halligan Tool Company”. Well I don’t (such a company doesn’t even exist) but I am a big fan of the Halligan and insist that it’s carried on each vessel I work on.

Invented by Deputy Chief Hugh Halligan of the FDNY, it is the multipurpose tool of choice for firefighters around the globe and is used for tasks ranging from forced entry to overhaul. It also has some ISPS uses not disclosed by any manufacturer.

To give you a better idea about how it’s used watch the video below then view our pdf slideshow for the shipboard uses of the tool.

gCaptain Slideshow: The Halligan Tool

When interlocked with a flat-head axe they become “married” and are called “The Irons”:

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