gCaptain Tip – Confined Space Entry with PASS Device

John Konrad
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June 12, 2009

PASS - Man Down Alarm
You have a PASS Device for your shipboard fire team..right?? Why not break it out of the gear locker during confined space entries?

For those who have never seen one, a PASS device (sometimes called a Man Down Alarm) contains a motion sensor and high pitched alarm. The firefighter clips it on his bunker gear and if he passes out the motion detector senses his lack of movement and sets off the alarm. It also has a panic button that can be pushed to inform the scene leader the team is in trouble or to help the back-up team locate a lost firefighter.

We all know how unreliable UHF radios are during tank inspections. While the old trick of banging a wrench 1 time to signal OK, 2 times to signal GET OUT and 5+ times to signal SEND HELP works inside the tank it won’t an unconsciousness victim. At a cost of around $225 these devices are an inexpensive way to protect your life.

Altair O2 SnifferStill doing tank entries without a personal O2 meter? Sniffing the tank at the point of entry is no longer enough, instead bring along a Personal Gas Detector

*Note read more about this tip in the Confined Space Entry Handbook

Here is a video describing the P.A.S.S. device including it’s shortcomings:

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