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John Konrad
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August 21, 2007

Some Buttons to help you navigate gCaptain. Click on the ones that interest you!

1) Like our favorite random story site Stumble Upon. Read a random gCaptain story from the past with our Randomize button.

Randomize Button

2) Search Maritime Industry sites that have been filtered by gCaptain editors with our Google powered Maritime Industry Search button.

Google Maritime CSE Search Button

3) Discover and vote on Maritime related news and links with our Maritime News Discoverer button.

Discoverer Button

4) Show your support for gCaptain by clicking on our Logo Shop button.

Buy Button

5) Get your nautical publications, navigation calculators, weather links and more – For FREE – by clicking on our gCaptain Tools & Links button.

Tools and Links Button

6) Talk, discuss and share scuttlebutt by clicking on our Maritime Forum button.

Forum Button


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