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G2 Ocean Future-proofs its Operations with StormGeo Services

G2 Ocean Future-proofs its Operations with StormGeo Services

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June 28, 2022

Leading open hatch vessel operator G2 Ocean partners with StormGeo for weather routing and voyage performance services

Since its establishment in 2017, Norway-based G2 Ocean has become one of the world’s largest ship operators within the open hatch segment. With over 300 experienced employees supporting industries worldwide, the company covers 37 trade lanes and operates over 120 open hatch and conventional bulk carriers, transporting wood pulp and other forest products, aluminum, steel, granite, and industrial minerals.

Recently, G2 Ocean signed with StormGeo for weather routing and voyage performance services, installing the BonVoyage System (BVS) onboard and leveraging the s-Insight platform for on-the-spot weather insights and route optimization.

s-Insight is a cloud-based self-service web portal for commercial, technical, and environmental fleet performance management. It offers onboard and onshore validation of ship-to-shore data streams and provides G2 Ocean with a complete overview of its entire fleet, with up-to-date information on vessel location, weather conditions, speed, and fuel consumption. With s-Insight, G2 Ocean can make confident decisions on optimal voyage speed and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

“We’re very satisfied with StormGeo’s services. Through the s-Insight platform, we gain good insight into current and historical voyage routing and performance, which help us make better decisions,” says Trond Aga Haug, Fleet Performance Manager at G2 Ocean.

BVS, on the other hand, is the most used route optimization system in the industry, with installation on close to 6,000 vessels. It offers user-friendly route optimization, voyage planning, and reliable weather forecasting in one simple-to-install and intuitive application. BVS will help G2 Ocean optimize its routes, monitor weather conditions, and plan for optimal navigation.

“We have installed the BonVoyage System (BVS) onboard our vessels. This tool gives our crew high-quality and accurate weather maps at their fingertips – assisting the master and officers in making good routing decisions and safeguarding the vessel, crew, and cargo,” Haug continues.

The partnership with G2 Ocean is a testament to StormGeo’s strengths and long-time experience with routing bulk carriers.

“StormGeo is very excited to have G2 Ocean onboard and provide actionable decision support with our advanced tools and route analysis experts. We have deep experience in routing bulk carriers and offer a future-proof solution that not only provides weather routing and fleet performance services but also lays the foundation for an environmentally compliant operation. We look forward to being G2 Ocean’s partner in the digital future of shipping,” says Rolf Reksten, VP of Route Advisory Services at StormGeo.

Both s-Insight and BVS are part of StormGeo’s s-Suite, a complete one-stop solution for ship owners, operators, and charterers to optimize time, fuel, and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance.

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About StormGeo

StormGeo is a global provider of weather intelligence and decision-support services, with leading solutions for shipping, oil and gas, renewable energy, onshore industries, and aviation. Offering solutions toward decarbonization, more than 12,000 ships rely on StormGeo software or services for navigational planning, route optimization, weather routing, and fleet performance. The company has 24 offices in 16 countries, including eight 24/7/365 global operations centers. As a participant in the UN Global Compact for Sustainable Ocean Business, StormGeo’s passion for weather and the protection of natural resources motivates us to support our clients in making informed, environmentally responsible business decisions. StormGeo is part of Alfa Laval. For more information, visit


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