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John Konrad
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February 6, 2008

Pasha Bulker Frontpage News

When a maritime incident happens the most up to date information often comes from news sources close to the scene. How do you find these sources? Lifehacker tells us:

Want so see how the newspapers around your region played the Super Tuesday results on their front page? Just want to get a quick glance at your own newspaper’s front page without clicking through its web site? The web site of the Newseum, an interactive journalism museum, offers a nifty “Front Pages Worldwide” tool that’s updated daily and comes in list, gallery, or (coolest of all) map flavors. Simply mouse over a town or city to see that papers’ front page, or head to the list or gallery options to grab a read-able PDF of it. For capturing a piece of a major story in your town or just keeping yourself informed, the Newseum is the web version of having a stack of papers delivered to your desk.


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