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First Oil Pumped from Stranded Bulk Carrier in Mexico

Mike Schuler
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November 16, 2015

Los Llanitos aground in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco. Photo: PROFEPA

The first oil has been pumped from a Mexican bulk carrier that has been stranded along Mexico’s rocky Pacific coastline since late October when it ran aground during Hurricane Patricia.

Mexico’s environmental agency PROFEPA reports that over the weekend approximately 150 cubic meters of oil was pumped from the wreck of the Mexican-flagged Los Llanitos to a tank barge brought in from Panama.

The 223-meter bulk carrier has been pinned against rocks in Barra de Navidad in Jalisco since October 23rd when it ran aground after attempting to ride out powerful Hurricane Patricia. The salvage right now is focussing on the removal of approximately 11,484 liters of oil, 489 cubic meters of diesel and other contaminants onboard the ship so that the it can be scuttled.

Constant monitoring of the vessel and the environment has been continuing, and PROFEPA reports that no oil has been spilled since the initial grounding last month.

The Mexican government last week gave the responsible party, Representaciones Marítimas, S.A., 90 days to complete the fuel removal operations from the vessel.

The operation to remove the oil will be highly dependent on weather conditions.

Officials have determined that the vessel is beyond saving and the plan is for the Los Llanitos to be scuttled in the area.

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