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The Fire is Out Off Nigeria, Blown-Out Gas Well Stops Flowing

Rob Almeida
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March 6, 2012

The drilling engineers and geoscientists at Chevron Nigeria (CNL) knew that there was a good chance the unimpeded flow from the blown-out Funiwa 1A natural gas well may actually lead to its eventual demise, and today that possibility came true.  The well stopped flowing.

“CNL has detected no natural gas flowing from the well since the fire ceased burning and is monitoring the area continuously.”

It was likely due to a “bridging over” phenomenon where the well bore collapsed in on itself and sealed itself off to the surface.  A few years ago BP, and certainly the entire world, hoped a similar situation was going to occur at the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, however we all know that didn’t happen.

In their press release this morning, Chevron Nigeria mentioned that they are still drilling ahead with their relief well efforts in order to ensure the well is permanently killed and plugged up with cement.

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