Fire On The Horizon – Dedicated To The 11, And Their Loved Ones.

John Konrad
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December 28, 2010


As you might be aware, the frequency of my blog posts have slowed down in the past few months. The reason; I have been busy finishing the writing of my book Fire on the Horizon: The Untold Story of the Gulf Oil Disaster. And to that end I wanted to share a few updates with the gCaptain community.

Most importantly I want to take time to let the Deepwater Horizon family members know that they are in our thoughts this holiday season and it is with deep sympathy that we have dedicated the book. Many in the offshore community have asked me why I wrote the book and the truth is I was approached with the idea and agreed that it should be written by someone from within the community; not to expose secrets, there are none, but to tell the story in a an accurate manner without the prejudice of external (environmental, political, etc) beliefs. This is a story, not of the fallout, but of the people who worked aboard the rig. People we should not forget.

The book was a challenge to write, but with the help of my co-author, Pulitzer prize winning journalist Tom Shroder, and family, I am pleased to report that the manuscript is complete and review copies are soon to hit the printers.

While few have read the book, our publisher HarperCollins did send preview copies out to a short list of recognizable names including Sebastian Junger, author of WAR and a personal favorite of mine The Perfect Storm.   While I can’t share his comments publicly (yet), if you squint, you might be able to read them off the new cover design (photo above).

I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to receiving feedback from the gCaptain community when the book comes out in March.  Until then, it’s back to blogging here at gCaptain so stay tuned!

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