Ferry carrying nearly 1,000 passengers capsizes in the Philippines

Mike Schuler
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September 6, 2009

superferry 9 capsizes

Nine people were killed and 983 rescued when a ferry capsized Sunday in the Philippines, leaving crews scouring the waters for survivors, officials said.

The SuperFerry 9 vessel was carrying 968 people, according to its operator, though the Philippine Coast Guard reported rescuing a higher number. It had no dangerous or hazardous cargo on board.

Coast Guard Duty Cmdr. Perfecto Eden said there was no exact tally of the missing, but estimated it to be several dozen.

The ferry took off from the city of General Santos and was bound for Iloilo City.

Survivors and their families were moved to a nearby location, where they were getting medical help and other forms of assistance, the coast guard said.

An investigation will be conducted after rescue operations are completed.

It was the third major incident involving the SuperFerry 9 in the past three years. No fatalities were reported in the other incidents in 2006 and 2007.

(source: CNN. image via guardian.co.uk)

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