An image posted online showing collapsed containers on the deck of the MV Ever Liberal.

Evergreen Ship Loses 36 Containers Off Japan

Mike Schuler
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January 4, 2021

An Evergreen Marine containership lost 36 containers over the side after the vessel encountered severe weather off the coast of Japan last week.

The container loss incident took place on Wednesday, December 31, after as the MV Ever Liberal sailed Busan, South Korea bound for Los Angeles, California.

In a statement, Evergreen said the ship encountered strong winds about 20 nautical miles off Kyushu, Japan, causing 36 containers to fall overboard and another 21 to collapse on the deck of the ship.

The company said the Ever Liberal diverted to the Port of Taipei to survey the damage before resuming its journey to Los Angeles. AIS ship tracking data showed the vessel was still in Taipei as of Monday afternoon.

The MV Ever Liberal has a capacity of 8,452 TEU and it is registered in the United Kingdom. It was built in 2014.

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