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EverClean Improves Performance and Reduces Fuel Costs up to 20%

EverClean Improves Performance and Reduces Fuel Costs up to 20%

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May 27, 2024

Greensea IQ’s EverClean proactive hull cleaning service represents a revolutionary shift in biofouling prevention, leveraging robotics to replace traditional, costly, and inefficient cleaning methods. By employing regular, in-water cleaning, EverClean ensures continuous biofouling prevention and maintains a pristine hull surface.

Scalable and Economical Solution

EverClean offers a scalable and economically viable solution to optimize ship performance, leading to substantial reductions in carbon emissions and fuel consumption. This approach marks a significant departure from abrasive manual or diver-assisted cleaning systems, promoting safer and less toxic hull coatings, thereby advancing marine industry sustainability.

Performance Improvements

In a recent ISO 19030 standard analysis, EverClean achieved a 20% fuel saving for a major client over eight months of regular service. These results highlight the importance of prioritizing biofouling control in achieving decarbonization targets. 

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Protecting Hull Coatings

At Greensea IQ’s Advanced Coatings Test Facility, EverClean ensures coating thickness remains unchanged, even after multiple passes using proprietary nylon brushes. This capability allows coatings to perform optimally without degradation during regular cleanings. EverClean collaborates with several coating manufacturers to validate its effectiveness on common coatings, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness in proactive in-water maintenance.

Sample of two different test panels during the testing process.

Advanced Reporting and Navigation

Unlike traditional diver-based cleanings that often produce limited and scrutinized reports, EverClean uses advanced autonomy and navigation systems. The EverClean robot, equipped with various sensors and cameras, provides a complete understanding of the hull’s condition and performance, capturing comprehensive data that divers cannot.

EverClean IQ: Data and Performance Insights

EverClean customers are provided with the data collected during routine cleaning through a comprehensive dashboard, EverClean IQ. EverClean IQ allows users to view the latest data which includes detailed maps and images, offering insights into fouling accumulation and growth rates over time. Greensea IQ offers one-on-one data consultations to ensure that the EverClean solution meets performance, cost-saving, and carbon emission reduction goals.

Find Us at Posidonia

Greensea IQ will be exhibiting at Posidonia in the US Pavilion, Stand 2.425/3 and will have representatives available to discuss how EverClean will help ships meet CII ratings.

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For more information on how EverClean can reduce biofouling and improve in-water cleaning efficiency, visit Greensea IQ’s EverClean Service.

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