Fire Disables LNG-Regasification Vessel in Indian Ocean

Mike Schuler
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June 18, 2014


Efforts are underway to tow a disabled LNG-regasification vessel in the Indian Ocean west of Mumbai after a Saturday engine room fire cut power and propulsion to the ship.

Exmar Shipmanagement NV said Wednesday that its managed LNGRV ‘Explorer’ experienced a fire in the engine room on June 14 about 240 west of Mumbai, India. The fire was promptly extinguished by the ship’s crew using portable fire extinguishers.

No casualties or injuries occurred, but Exmar reports that the ship’s propulsion was lost.

The vessel was underway in ballast from the discharge port in India towards a loading port in the Middle East when the fire occurred.

At this time, Exmar reports that the situation is stable and the ship is under tow at a safe distance from shore while a second tug has been sent to assist. The crew meanwhile is making a full assessment of the damaged machinery. Electrical systems are fully powered by the auxiliary diesel engine, but the steam plant is shut down, Exmar reports.

The vessel has 31 crew on board and a complete team of security guards.

The Belgium-flagged LNGRV Explorer was built in 2008 and has a capacity of 150,981 cubic meters.

LNG-Regasification vessels act as floating regasification facilities and can therefore discharge high pressure natural gas directly into a pipeline system. The vessels can also act as conventional LNG carriers, discharging LNG to a land-based import terminal.

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