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Who Else Reads gCaptain?

Rob Almeida
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November 19, 2014

For those of you who are curious as to the actual reach of gCaptain and who are readers are, we sifted through our data and figured we’d share it with you.

Here’s a breakdown of companies who receive the gCaptain newsletter. Only subscribers who use their work email address are included, and only companies with 10 or more subscribers are shown:

gcaptain readership profile
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Of the 27,000+ people that receive our daily update, here’s a bit more data for you about who they are:

gcaptain primary job functions

For those people who labeled their primary job function as “Executive,” here are the companies they represent:

gcaptain executive reach


The above data only represents gCaptain daily newsletter however, which by the way is opened over 50 percent of the time…

Here’s where gCaptain.com’s 2.2 million+ page views were registered from over the past 30 days:



Curious about advertising rates next year on gCaptain?  Or perhaps advertising that job you’ve been trying to fill?  

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