Ever dreamed of owning a jetpack?

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August 24, 2011

Have you ever dreamed of owning a JetPack?

Maybe gCaptain’s editors have watched one too many James Bond movies but our answer is yes. Jetpack technology has existed for decades but the propulsion method of a traditional JetPack, rocket fuel, is not something a sane person would strap to their back. But what if it was water? With a backpack weight of only 28lbs and with a total lift height of nearly 10 meters JetLev hopes to be the next big product in recreational sports but the price tag, nearly $100,ooo USD, makes this device too expensive for all but the mega-wealthy.

Perhaps for commercial use?

The manufacturer says no, it’s strictly for fun, but maybe smarter minds will find uses for the technology. Maybe the solution to piracy is an ejection seat for ships or maybe jetpacks will prove useful in repelling boarders. Doubtful, but there is hope. The crew of Sea Shepard always seems willing to test crazy ideas and we can think of no better television opportunity than watching an arctic whale wars jetpack attack.

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