Dramatic Rescue Caught on Tape – Four Airlifted from Sinking Fishing Vessel in Gulf of Alaska

Mike Schuler
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June 11, 2015

The U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday rescued four crew of the fishing vessel Kupreanof from the Gulf of Alaska near Lituya Bay, Alaska. The dramatic rescue was caught on film by the Coast Guard aircrew as the vessel sank.

[contextly_sidebar id=”OjPvMjRp2rMNPzOJSCjq3nf7E5uHdZLc”]The six minute video from the Coast Guard shows the fishing vessel sink in just under 30 minutes elapsed time. In the video, you can see that the crew of the fishing vessel donned immersion suits as they exited the severely listing vessel into a life raft with help from a Coast Guard rescue swimmer.

Amazingly, the aircrew was able to hoist all four crew members to safety before the vessel slipped below the surface. The four crew were transported them to Sitka.


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