A screengrab from video showing the dinghy and its operator in the path of the M/V Al Zubara.

Incident Video: Dinghy Operator Nearly Run Over By Containership in Southampton

Mike Schuler
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March 7, 2022

A dinghy operator is lucky to be alive after a close call with large containership near England’s Port of Southampton on Sunday.

According to local reports, the man was among a group of a three people recreating in a pair dinghies in Southampton Water when they found themselves in the path of the 400-meter-long Al Zubara. Unfortunately, as they went to move out of the way, one of the dinghies’ engine failed, forcing its operator to jump into the water to try to swim to safety.

Video of the incident was captured by passengers on board a passing ferry.

Thankfully, the person in the water was able to escape and eventually rescued by a Port of Southampton patrol boat.

Today the Hillhead Coastguard unit is reminding the public to take extra care when out on the water especially in busy shipping.

AIS shows the M/V Al Zubara departed Southampton on Sunday for Le Havre, France.

Watch the incident video below:

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