New MOB detection system promises ease of use and real time reliability

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March 17, 2011

Radio Zeeland DMP Americas and Sisco Indentification Solutions bring us a promising new technology called “Man-overboard Early Detection System (MEDS)” They tell us:

When dealing with a man overboard scenario time is a critical factor in order to stop the vessel and turn the propulsion machincery away from the man overboard before a true loss of life at sea occurs. Environmental circustances serverely restrict the amount of time you may have to detect the man overboard and initiate rescue. MEDS is a complete systerms which can be fully integrated into a current existing vessel security video analytics or independent video analytics can be provided with installation. MEDS is able to be installed and set up during a refit period with little to no modification required. System runs on a standard ethernet or Fiber Optic network. MEDS is a truly plug and play solution.

What sets MEDS apart from other MOB systems on the market is its simplicity and reliability.  The system requires almost no human interaction to function onboard, instead relies on automatic sensors that detect man overboard events.  Following a possible event, the system broadcasts an audible alarm to watchstanders on the bridge, and software running the system visually indicates where the event may have occurred using a graphic representation of the vessel and a flashing red indication to draw attention.  A camera window then brings up the possible area in real time while a digital video recording loops back 15 seconds prior to the sensor going off.  This video loop will continue to play, allowing time for the user to analyze the situation to see if it is in fact a true man overboard.

Not simple enough for you?  Just check out this video…

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