Deepwater Horizon – Memorial At Sea

John Konrad
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April 25, 2010

I am currently in Dubai after departing my drillship, which continues on its voyage to the Gulf Of Mexico. It has been a long week for everyone both here at gCaptain and aboard my ship as many, myself included, have close friends and family that worked aboard the Horizon.

I want to thank Anchorman for the updates, they mean a lot to the crew of my ship. And a big thanks to the Horizon’s bridge team, Workboat Crews and USCG on the scene. These are the mariners that gave leadership and hope in a time of crisis, a job they continue to perform heroically.

During an emergency everyone is eager to help but the guys at Chouest take it a step further… I can’t count the number of emergency drills where I’ve called a Edison Chouest boat to simulate boundary cooling or assist in a SAR. It’s commitment during these times and a constant eagerness to train and assist that have prepaired them for this incident. And saved lives. The USCG SAR teams continue to be ready at a moments notice for the next MAYDAY call and I know all too well the work invested by the mates aboard the Horizon that made them prepared to make the hard decisions they faced.

gCaptain will continue to ask questions and provide a forum for the community of mariners working in the gulf, and throughout the world. We are committed to the safety of our fellow mariners and promise to support the sharing of information and ideas to prevent future tragedy.


With that note I would like to pass on the following message from forum member Capt. Lee and the crew of the Semi-Submersible rig West Sirius:

The disaster aboard Deepwater Horizon has touched the offshore community like no other event I have witnessed in my career in this industry. Some of us have worked aboard Deepwater Horizon and are deeply saddened at the news of missing friends and colleagues while our hearts are lifted by the large number of crew who survived. There are also some in our numbers who may not have known anyone aboard but share the common bond of earning our living offshore.

On Sunday April 25th at 11:00 AM CST we will sound our ships whistle in honor of the all the crew members of the Deepwater Horizon. We will also open our weekly general safety meetings at 1300 and 0100 with a moment of silence for the crew members who remain missing and are assumed to have perished.

Please forward this e-mail to any colleagues you have working offshore on rigs, platforms and work boats inviting them to join us in this remembrance.

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