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Damen Yard to Overhaul Ex-Pirate Radio Ship

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November 22, 2012

Image courtesy Damen

AMSTERDAM-based Oranjewerf Ship Repair appears to be a fast mover. Last Friday, the Damen Shipyards branch acquired the order to overhaul the former radio Veronica ship Norderney (built in 1949, length 50 metres, width 8 metres). This afternoon the ship repair yard is ready to receive the legendary vessel in Amsterdam IJ waters around 14:30 hrs GMT.

Oranjewerf commercial manager Jeen van der Werf is proud to mention that the yard acquired the order from Entertainment International, although, so far, the commission is limited to remove biofouling – in Dutch it is called ‘clip & shear’ literally translated – indicate the thickness of sheets of the ships’ hull, and to apply a new layer of paint on that hull. When these jobs have been done, the Norderney will be towed to Northern Netherlands Groningen.

Once on the spot at Eemskanaal, the old radio ship – ran from a Hamburg slipway in 1949 as being the Iceland trawler MV HH 294 Paul Müller – will be refurbished to become a multifunctional floating venue for radio and TV broadcasting, Internet, song, dance and comedy performances.

Before that will actually happen, all eyes are set on the arrival of the Norderney on IJ waters. The Oranjewerf is situated in a curve opposite Central Station in Amsterdam. That being the case, commercial manager Van der Werf takes the possibility into account that quite a few spectators will come to witness the Norderney arrival at the ship yard, particularly when it is known that Veronica DJ Erik de Zwart of the former pirate radio-station Veronica (a Radio Caroline look-alike) will be present to welcome ‘his’ radio ship.

Tugboat masters Piet de Vree onboard his tugboat Argo (450 HP) and Piet Bootsma onboard the towage/push boat Aegir (550 HP) have taken public attendance into account as well. Departing from Antwerp, they now have safely towed the Norderney into the port of Amsterdam.

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