Cruise Ships Collide in Bermuda [VIDEO]

Rob Almeida
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September 19, 2012

On 14 September, a squall blew through Bermuda’s Royal Dockyard where a pair of cruise ships, the Norwegian Star and Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, were both docked.

Weather reports vary on the ferocity of the winds, however gusts between 45 and 75 knots were apparently enough to overpower the Norwegian Star’s mooring lines and she soon found herself adrift, and being pushed toward the stern of the Explorer of the Seas.

The following video was shot from the Windjammer Café high on the stern of the Explorer showing the slow, but inevitable collision between the two ships. Both ships sailed later the same day, arriving back in New York only slightly dented.

Bermudian Transport Minister Walter Roban commented to reporters, “We look forward to the investigation and whatever it can show us so we can learn to be ready for the next time.  Every precaution was taken on that day.  I can confirm this incident is being fully investigated to document the actions that were taken by all persons and entities concerned and involved prior, during and after the squall passed over the Dockyard area.”

In what seems to be an awkward comment, Minister Roban continues…

“I would like to be clear in stating that the intent of the post mortem or investigation is not to determine cause or apportion blame, it is to determine how we can be better prepared to deal with and respond to a similar situation should it occur in the future.”

Ultimately, it’s quite likely the investigation will eventually determine the root cause of this accident, because as we all know, accidents like this are most definitely preventable, and the insurance company will darn well want to know who to send the bill to.

Here is what it looked like from shore…

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