Crazy ‘Ol Coot Jumps from Ship’s Bridge Wing, Swims to Shore

Rob Almeida
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August 27, 2012

Translated from Portuguese, thanks to Will van Dorp of of the blog for the translation:

This person has been over 50 years a captain of ships in Aracaju. He is practical. He likes to draw and sailboats (ships) and put them all over the house.   He has memories of the time that all vessels needed him to get in Sergipe.   As a pilot he has served ships as an expert on how to enter and leave ports.   During high tide, people would usually have to climb down this ladder until the get to the boat that will go to back to port.
Apparently he jumps off from 17 meters or 5 stories high. In a few seconds he reappears and swims to the shore. 2-3-4 hours without stopping. We find him like a fish on the shore 71 years old and without seeming tired at all. He makes it home in a good mood. Not hungry or thirsty. He shows us a very simple refridgerator and says he does not drink water.
He says he has not taken a bath in over 50 years because he bathes in fresh water. Also he says he only eats fruit.
This is part of his routine. He wakes us soon after the sun rises and does it all over again.


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