Costa Smeralda Loses Lifeboat in Docking Mishap – VIDEO

Mike Schuler
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January 22, 2021

One thing about the COVID cruising suspensions is we don’t get as many cruise ships crashing into things.

With that in mind, Costa Cruises’ flagship Costa Smeralda was slightly damaged today at the Italian port of Savona as the ship was approaching the company’s terminal… and the accident was caught on camera.

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Most of the damage seems to have been sustained by a lifeboat that became pinned between the cruise ship and a shoreside crane. As you can see, eventually it broke off and fell into the water.

No passengers were on board as the ship as it is not currently hosting guests and, thankfully, nobody was reported injured in the incident.

Costa Cruises, meanwhile, announced today that it plans to postpone the resumption of cruises until March 13, 2021, although it does not appear that today’s accident had anything to do with the decision.

Costa Smeralda was only recently delivered to Carnival Corporation’s Costa Cruises brand from Meyer Turku in December 2019. Perhaps it’s most notable feature is that it’s power by liquified natural gas.

The incident can be seen from other angles in the video below:

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