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Construction of World’s Largest Cargo Sailing Ship Moves Step Closer to Reality

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August 16, 2017

The Quadriga sailing cargo ship will be equipped with four masts, and will be capable of transporting up to 2,000 vehicles. Image: Lloyd’s Register/Quadriga

A German-led initiative to build the world’s largest sailing cargo ship has moved one step closer to realization with Lloyd’s Register signing on to ensure compliance of the project.

Lloyd’s Register announced Monday it has joined the Quadriga sustainable shipping project, an initiative from Hamburg-based Sailing Cargo aiming to build the world’s largest sail-powered cargo ship.

The project outlines a plan to build a 170-meter car carrier, capable of carrying between 1,700 and 2,000 cars, which will be equipped with four masts and will operate on hybrid propulsion with sails and diesel-electric engines, and an optional battery system for peak loads. The vessel will be capable of sailing at 10-12 knots with the aim of reaching 14-16 knots in the next few years through combined expertise.

“Wind-assisted propulsion offers one of the few realistic options for introducing renewable power into shipping. The IMO target for CO2 emissions requires a 50% reduction in global ship-sourced CO2 emissions by 2020, this means significant changes in the industry are required. LR’s Low Carbon Pathways 2050 study found that low carbon ships will need to enter the fleet by 2030 to help achieve this goal,” Lloyd’s Register said in a statement.

Uwe Köhler, founder of the Quadriga project, commented: “We must do the right thing for the future of our industry; the Quadriga project combines traditionally proven systems with cutting edge technology and aims to provide a solution to achieving the CO2 emissions reduction target. We are delighted to be working with Lloyd’s Register on this project.”

LR will help to ensure compliance with technical, safety and environmental standards upon realization of the project, from the design and specification stage to onsite new construction supervision. LR will also verify whether the predicted performance parameters have been achieved.

LR’s Nico Dettmann, Marketing and Sales Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Marine & Offshore, said: “It’s a very exciting initiative to be involved in. It’s always motivating for us to be involved from the concept stage of any project, especially those that involve innovative technology and new ways of doing things. We have a long history of working with and supporting our clients to bring their new and novel concepts, safely and robustly from inception to operational reality.”

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