Conditions Improve On Board MSC Flaminia

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July 30, 2012

The MSC Flaminia seen on July 17.

The burnt out MSC Flaminia, along with the small flotilla of firefighting tugs, have anchored off the British coast as crews work to extinguish any leftover hotspots but overall conditions continue to improve, experts say.

According to an update from the vessels management company, the MSC Flaminia has been anchored approximately 100 nautical miles off the British coast while a team of firefighting experts continue to individually inspect each container to ensure that any smoldering fires are put out.  Overall, however, salvors have indicated the situation onboard the vessel continues to improve. According to firefighters on scene, almost no smoke can be observed coming from cargo holds 4 and 5 and engineers continue to monitor the vessels stability.

Once the crews can confirm that there are not lingering hotspots within the vessel, the MSC Flaminia will be granted access to a “sheltered area” closer to shore where authorities will continue with a more thorough investigation.

As gCaptain has been reporting, the MSC Flaminia suffered a fire and explosion within its cargo hatch number 4 on July 14 while 1,000 miles from land in the North Atlantic. The explosion killed 2 crew members and injured three others.

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